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July 2007

  1. Calvin Harris – Merrymaking At My Place (Deadmau5 Remix) [Promo]
  2. Sgt Slick and Pitch Dark – Automatic Machine (Vandalism Remix) [Vicious]
  3. Adam K and Dataworx – Pushin (Adam K Remix) [Hotbox Digital]
  4. Chicken Lips – He Not In (Vandalism Vocal Mix) [Azuli Records]
  5. Prime 33 – Burn (Deadmau5 Mix) [Morrison Recordings]
  6. Dave Robertson & John Gurd present The Rendition – Our Execution [Digital]
  7. Austin Leeds & Nick Terranova – Acid Disco (Nick Terranova Starkillers Empire Mix) [Terratraxx Recordings]
  8. Markus Haupt – Funk Drunk [Digital]
  9. Guy J – Agent Blue [Promo]
  10. BSOD – This Is The Hook [Play Digital]

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