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Wig & Whiskey Wednesdays

Hosted by: SOURCE 20/20 x Techné

This event is a genre-bending, no holds barred, full musical spectrum, all-inclusive mid-week party. All varieties of house, techno, DNB, experimental, funk, soul, etc…just to keep it fresh. We’ll be hosting guest DJs from around the globe to live stream from their home studios, while simultaneously hosting a live video chat room in GOOGLE MEET so you can “hangout”, see, and talk with all of your old friends and future friends. We’ll socialize, play games, drink some whiskey (or water, whatever you wish), and wear wigs, all while listening to quality music. Don’t have a wig? Any fun headgear (cool hat, goofy glasses, mask, etc) will do just fine, wear something that makes you feel good! It’s all about enjoying ourselves in solidarity for some midweek fun! Weird times call for weird measures, so we invite you to join us on our new Humpday Hangout “Wig and Whiskey Wednesdays“.

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