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214toMDP Mix

Here’s another submission I did as a guest podcast for and posted 4/27. The tracks highlight a lot of the fun, funky, and very danceable tracks I’ve been digging on lately as well as some of the more techy and deep persuasion — all of which mesh for a great summer mix start to finish!

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90MB / 63:45

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  1. Piek & Danny Serrano – Je Ne Veux Plus (Siwell Remix) [Sphera Records]
  2. Alex Dolby & Santos – No Walls (Maher Daniel Remix) [Bedrock]
  3. Mihalis Safras & Mark Broom – Tru Tru (Danilo Vigorito Remix) [Material]
  4. Julien Chaptal – Asthma Bird [Remote Area]
  5. Christian Burkhardt & Einzelkind – Yeah! [Jax]
  6. Loquace – Synthologie (Onno Remix) [Kina Music]
  7. Nick Daring – Le Mabad [Kiara Records]
  8. Kiko – Jack Is Dirty [Signature by Kiko]
  9. Broombeck – WTFAI (Wehbba Remix) [MBF]
  10. Pleasurekraft & Hugo – Nosferatune ft. Renoa (Transylvania Dub Mix) [Kraftek]
  11. Tube & Berger – Fucking On Acid [Kittball Digital]
  12. Smash TV – World Wide Wet [Leena Music]
  13. Ahmet Sisman – Hi Tech Booty (Maetrik Faded Remix) [Stock5 LTD]

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