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Impromptu Mix 1

I was hanging out at the house on a Saturday night with a pair of unused 40oz beers when I decided to record an impromptu mix, so I did. While it’s not a technical masterpiece it is a showcase of any time any track mixing featuring some nice tech house cuts that you can just plop in the CD player and let play.

Download MP3

180MB / 79:03

Download CUE


  1. Shinedoe – Back In Tha Days [Intacto]
  2. Dataworx – Control [Dataworx Digital]
  3. Minilogue – Doiicie A [Minilogue]
  4. Clinton Brown & Andy Chatterley – Sabotage (Andy Chatterley Dub Mix) [Renaissance]
  5. Moonface – U Get So Give (Paolo Mojo Remix) [Bedrock]
  6. Who’s Who – Klack (Joris Voorn Remix) [Size Records]
  7. Milton Jackson & Sei A – Clicks [Urbantorque]
  8. Mark Storie – Kerplunk [Novakane]
  9. Deadmau5 – Sometimes Things Get Whatever [Ultra]
  10. Soliquid – Marghuerite [Baroque Records]
  11. Jens Mangold – Bodyflush (DJ Wady & Patrick M Mix) [Cr2 Records]
  12. Tim Jirgenson & Carlos Zarate – Huckleberry Chin [Thug Records]
  13. Alex Kenji – A Lot Of [Hotfingers]
  14. Dave Lee – Mucho Macho (Tiger Stripes Lithium Dub Mix) [ZRecords]
  15. Paolo Driver & Andrea Mocce – Mamoru (Fog Filtershift Mix) [Nuhar Records]
  16. Dataworx – Contact [Dataworx Digital]

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