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Live at Bangin Beats

Recorded live at the launch party in Kansas City, KS. I was the last to spin for the evening and had been saving up my energy all night long, so i thought i would blow everyone’s socks off and play a hard as nails set. The owner of the club tried his best to cut my set short but was denied, later called me crazy…

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28MB / 30:21

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  1. ?? – ?? [White]
  2. Weirdo – Get On the Floor [Tinrib]
  3. RR Fierce & DMF – Bust Da Beat [White]
  4. Daniel Ro – Celebrate the Life [Peroxide]
  5. ?? – ?? [White]
  6. Mobi-D – Twisting My Ears [Peroxide]
  7. Acid Ted – Acid Ted 2000 [Havok]

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