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Live at Giant Killas

This is one of my most requested mixes & features some of my favorite cuts like Nervous Breakdown, Power Off, Exotic Particles, and zzzzzzz. This night almost didn’t happen as I was called in at the last minute to fill the spot of the headliner which didn’t show.

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78MB / 66:34

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  1. ?? – ?? [D]
  2. BK – Hold It [Nukleuz]
  3. Weirdo – Whipblash [Tinrib]
  4. Edison Factor – Nervous Breakdown [White]
  5. Captain Tinrib – Purple Overdose [Tinrib]
  6. Choci – M25 [Public House]
  7. Captain Tinrib – The Duster [Tinrib]
  8. Pranksterz – ZZZZZZ [Acid Test]
  9. Acid Ted – Acid Ted 2000 [Havok]
  10. DJ Choci & DJ Paola – Cherokee [VCF]
  11. Banga Matt & DMF – Power On [Arktik]
  12. ?? – ?? [White]

2 thoughts on “Live at Giant Killas”

  1. Thank you for this. I’ve been trying to find the track listing everywhere! I still have the CD, given to me at one of your following shows or a follow up show in Michigan. Great times, still great tunes. Cheers!

  2. Came back here 21+ years later to re-listen to LIVE AT GIANT KILLAS. Such memories! Good times! <3 Gonna have to peep your other more recent mixes as well.

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